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AssetCare Limited is a progressive company with registrations, qualifications and skill to provide all services necessary for building owners and managers to fulfill their legal obligations. However, as you will see from this site we offer many other additional building and property related services.

Building Warrant of Fitness

Hassle free Building Warrant of Fitness so you can rest easy.


Fire Engineering

Specialised, professional and innovative Fire Design.


Property Management

An innovative and new approach to Property Management.


About AssetCare

AssetCare Limited is a privately owned and operated New Zealand Company and has been in exisitance for 15 years providing services to building owners and managers to fulfill their legal obligations under the New Zealand Building Act.

Building Warrants of Fitness, Building Act Compliance and Fire Evacuation are examples of legal obligations adding to the responsibility and cost burdens of building owners and property managers. In many instances these costs are made worse by hefty fees, charges and maintenance requirements needed for compliance, a frustrating situation you will agree.

There may also be a temptation to procrastinate or cut corners as a means of controlling workload or reducing costs especially in difficult financial times, a legally tenuous route that benefits no one. Through providing a comprehensive range of services and maintenance packages we will help you avoid these situations. In addition we offer many other building and property related services.

How can we help?


Building Warrant of Fitness

Our main objective is to ensure a hassle free Building Warrant of Fitness system is in place for all buildings requiring to comply with New Zealand Building Act 2004 sections 100 & 108.  Which in turn will ensure a safer and healthy working surroundings are provided for employees and tenants and to provide an environment in line with your vision and objectives.

AssetCare will meet the high standard expected to ensure this goal is achieved by providing a user friendly professional Building Warrant of Fitness service.

We will:

  • Issue your Building Warrant of Fitness for you.
  • Liaise with Council.
  • Put in place a simple management process.
  • Carry out all annual inspections.
  • Carry out monthly owner’s inspections.
  • Audit and monitor your contractors.
  • Provide all necessary reports.

You require a Building Warrant of Fitness if you have any of the following specified systems:

  • Automatic Fire Suppression (Sprinkler)
  • Automatic Fire Suppression(Gas / Foam)
  • Auto / Manual Emergency Warning System
  • Auto Gas Detection
  • Auto Door
  • Access Controlled Doors
  • Interfaced Fire / Smoke Doors / Windows
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Escape Route / Lift Pressurisation
  • Riser Mains
  • Auto Back Flow Preventer
  • Passenger Lifts
  • Service Lifts Fume Cupboards
  • Escalators and moving walks
  • Mechanical Ventilation / Air Conditioning
  • Building Maintenance Unit
  • Fume Cupboards
  • Audio Loops / Listening Devices
  • Smoke Controls Systems
  • Emergency Power Systems
  • Means of escape

Fire Engineering Services

To assist Architects, Draughtsmen and property developers to gain building consent for construction and alteration of buildings we provide our fire engineering design services. Our consultants are able to provide consultancy services to any problem regardless of size to ensure client satisfaction.

NZBC Acceptable Solutions

Most of our designs are generally based on the acceptable solutions of the New Zealand Building Code 2004. These are written in plain language so not to bring confusion to an already complicated process.  Our designs have been submitted to many Territorial Authorities, received peer reviews and have been successfully accepted resulting in client satisfaction.

Alternative Solutions

An acceptable solution may not always be available. "Murphy’s Law" states this in many ways.  We will find a way that is acceptable to the Territorial Authorities by providing and proving an alternative solution and submitting this for peer review to ensure feasibility and to achieve a satisfactory result for our client.

Specific Fire Engineering Design

This very specialised service is provided when the building act dictates this or an innovative Architectural designs requires an equally innovative fire solution.  Our highly qualified Fire Engineering specialist provides this service when required.

To enable us to deliver a satisfactory design to our clients we maintain a rigorous, in house quality assurance and review system. Your design report will not be delivered until it has passed through our system, ensuring that we have addressed all aspects of the design.

After delivery we maintain an ongoing consultancy service to answer and assist with any questions raised through to building consent stage

Property Management

At AssetCare we take an innovative and new approach to Property Management coupled with our Facilities and Asset Management services to ensure your portfolio remains a viable asset.

Our Property Consultants will work with you to ensure your tenant relationship has a strong bond and costs are minimised.

Our Property Management services include:

  • Our reputable Facilities Management Service.
  • Building Warrant of Fitness and Compliance Services
  • Asset Management reviews for buildings


What is Building Compliance?

Building Compliance is the term given to the method of ensuring the safety of people in buildings by ensuring the fire and safety systems are in good working order, operating efficiently and as designed.


What is the New Zealand Building Act?

The New Zealand Building Act is the legislation governing the New Zealand building industry and its practices. The original act was introduced in 1991and replaced with the New Zealand Building Act 2004. This act includes the New Zealand Building Code 2008 and the New Zealand Building Regulations. The New Zealand Building Act details the obligations placed on building owners.


Who is the Building Consent Authority?

They are the Territorial Authorities and Councils who have been accredited by the Department of Building and Housing. They are responsible for the issuing of all New Zealand Building Act documentation in regard to building compliance.


What is Building Consent?

A building consent is the Building Consent Authorities (BCA) approval for building work to take place in a building.


What is a Code Compliance Certificate?

A Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) will be issued by the BCA when they are satisfied that all of the conditions of the building consent have been satisfied.


What is a Compliance Schedule and when do I need one?

If your building contains any of the specified systems as detailed in the New Zealand Building Act 2004 you will require a Compliance Schedule (CS). This document specifies the testing, inspection and reporting requirements of each of the specified system to ensure compliance.


What is and when do I need a Building Warrant of Fitness?

A Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) is the document that is issued on an annual basis and is displayed in the building. This document is issued when all of the specified systems detailed on the compliance schedule have been certified as being tested and inspected and being in compliance with the correct standards and codes as detailed on the compliance schedule.


What is a form 12a?

This is the form used to confirm that the testing, inspection and reporting requirements for the specified systems has have been carried out in accordance with the compliance schedule for the previous 12 months. This document can only be issued by an Independently Qualified Person (IQP).


What is a Certificate of Public Use?

A Certificate of Public use is a document issued by the BCA when work is being carried out in a building. This specifies that the building is safe to be occupied by the public.


What is and when is a Notice to Fix issued?

This is statutory advice from the BCA that the building is in breach of the New Zealand Building Act 2004 and states the action required by the owner to remedy this breach.


Who is or can be an Independently Qualified Person?

An Independently Qualified Person (IQP) is a person who is registered by the BCA to test, inspect, report and maintain the specified systems as detailed by the compliance schedule and sign off the Form 12a. Any person who can demonstrate competence, qualification and experience to the BCA’s satisfaction may apply for registration. An IQP must have no financial interest in the building. IQPs’ will become Licensed Building Practitioners in the future (LBP).


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